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Top Personal Job Coach at
Top Personal Job Coach at Coachar.comTop Personal Job Coach at Coachar.comTop Personal Job Coach Coaching at
Top Personal Job Coach Coaching at
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Personal Job Coach at

Coach at Coachar Get a Top Personal Job Coach at and Eliazon, today! Buy at

What does it mean to have access to a personal job coach? Could it become easier to get a better job?

“The objective cannot be that unemployment or absence due to sickness will decrease in the working life. Such factors must of course away, wholly! - Eliazon.

A personal coach for advice about free jobs:

  • Gives specialised, effective and special trained personnel to new jobs, employment and needs
  • Rehabilitates people back to business preference, labour market or companies
  • Carries out direct matching against free jobs and employers' expectations in t ex place ads
  • Optimise carried out requirements, needs and good of employed productive talent and abilities
  • Improves work climates, economic outcomes and effectiveness of rehabilitation work
  • Steadies employee, management and companies in adaptation work, out-placement and difficult decisions and situations
  • Gives guidance about the labour market's conditions, needs, requirements and change in a dynamic market economy
  • Personal job coach is a well-tried private rehabilitation service from Eliazon as on the basis of an experience-based method called Psych Up Artist™. Personal job coach creates conditions and possibilities to better health, a new career and career development stem them that already stands or risks to end up outside the regular labour market. Programmes Psych Up Artist™ means deepened mentor chapters, a reflection and education in psychological conditions, psychologically refuting and potential creative development opportunities. Overall focus is human communication and refuting, the relationships' and the work's central role, ethics, standards and values and different workplaces' and situations' specific psychology. The programme Psych Up Artist™ focus on how individuals on the basis of their own conditions (e.g. job experience, age, sexes, education batch shallow, tradition, labour market), with additions of professional preliminary psychological education, can relate to, handles and to refute own and second worry, aversion and resignation. Sometimes crisis similar and frustrating issues that to be updated at, or becomes the consequence of changed duties, long term sickness or an unexpected unemployment.

    In order to break the mass unemployment at young has the civil batches in the new increasing cautious “the Alliance for Sweden” in their “Manifestos for Jobs”, clear and a lot of pleasant realised the need of Psych Up Artist-concept and Eliazon personal job coach-concept. In “Manifestos for Jobs” suggests the political batch that each job seeker will get a personal coach. The target group for personal jobs coach is just people that risk unemployment, long-term sickness, to be examined of adaptation work, shut downs or adaptation decisions or as a result of different disabilities. Personal job coach means direct, concrete and fast initiatives for a successful and successful vocationally oriented rehabilitation based on personal ability, preference and talent at the individual. The initiatives do current individuals that undergo the personal guidance fresh, enthusiastic, fond, creative and more committed to a productive work and an added value creation employment again. Personal job coach means among other thing

  • A psychologist examination (including psychometrics) as bases for overall assessment
  • Resource inventorying and individual action plan
  • Identification of prevailing and future labour need
  • Talent and skills development and rehabilitation
  • Personal change and development capacity
  • Matching against carried out and the productivity's conditions and effectiveness
  • Inventory of experience possibilities and other job applicant activities
  • Review of employment versus the enterprise's possibilities
  • Career planing and how one creates contacts with employers
  • Job-testing and workplace aids
  • Cognitive strategies, training and keys
  • Management of stress and emotional stresses
  • Follow-up guidance and aid deliberations
  • Evaluation and recapitulation
  • Coachar Coaching Program usually gives the participant:

    - A straight and honest view of strengthen, possibilities, needs of development and priorities.

    - A deeper knowledge about superior leadership, top executive management, organisation psychology, grouppsychology and an development ability to take and give constructive feedback.

    - Coping strategies to maintain and use given authority and influence within her company/organisation.

    - Established assumptions to manage unpleasant decisions and bad influences from other people within the enterprise or organisation.

    - Give new possibilities of choice to invest power and personal energy based on need, benefits and worthy ideas and goals.

    - Increased knowledge about integrity and genuine relations vs. employee demands and presumptions about organisational goals.

    - Gives an increased psychological knowledge, that e.g. an entrepreneurial work culture in an organisation creates opportunities for new ideas, enhances creativity, and interprets failure more positively. This coaching approach offers several suggestions for creating this sort of entrepreneurial culture in the workplace, such as making employees partners, selling the company's vision internally, and encouraging risk taking.

    - This coaching approach helps the participant entrepreneur, leader or employers find creative ways to offer non-monetary compensation strategies if they e.g. wish to retain key employees in their business

    - Discussions in how networks and network building activities and other measurement help women established self-esteem and self-confidence in their business and female leadership. (Though the playing field for women and men in business has become more level, women leaders and entrepreneurs still seem to be more comfortable asking other female leaders for mentoring, supervision, advice and discussing business issues.)

    - coaching approach can be dedicated to (in a personal way) teach fundamental principles of entrepreneurship and how to start and lead such business with all the people involved. Presentations explain basic psychological promotion efforts, entrepreneurship concepts and personnel administration. The participant could practice real business methods and should learn the distinct differences between an employer or entrepreneur and an employee.

    - After completed this coaching might the participants be prepared to: lead new creative psychology study groups, facilitate new creative emotional support groups, host interfaith discussion groups, present new creative classes and seminars, develop a life coaching business, facilitate workshops and retreats. personal job coaching implicates follow up sessions and can be modified out of your own or your company's presumptions and desiderata. Provided by Eliazon Consultants Company in e.g. the following cities around the world: London, New York, Beijing, Copenhagen, Hollywood, Moscow, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo Wall Street Brussels, Dubai, Paris.


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    Take an opportunity managing your assets and skills, today. Submit your apply information below and we´ll contact you in a few days. After submission of requested information can you also give us a call at phone 0046-63-103250 or 0046-70-2417588. For further questions send an email to Torbjörn Eliasson

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    Top Personal Job Coach Coaching at
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    Top Personal Job Coach Coaching at Top Personal Job Coach Coaching at Top Personal Job Coach Coaching at
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