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A Top Psychologist Site - Psychologist €liazon - EliazonA Top Psychologist Site - Psychologist €liazon - EliazonA Top Psychologist Site - Psychologist €liazon - Eliazon
A Top Psychologist Site - Psychologist €liazon - Eliazon
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eliazon biography in swedish

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Eliazon Biography - Training & Education

Famous artist Bengt Lindströms own favourite work: Nostalgi - Psychologist Site Eliazon Welcome to psychologist Eliazon Web Sites. Eliazon is a practitioner who applies psychological training, knowledge and teaching to assess and help children and adults in healthier living and psychology matters.The psychological praxis and theoretical work of Eliazon is a unique journey and determination of the essentials in the whole psychology science. Eliazon makes the academic psychology readily and understanding available for many people which take the opportunity to meet this Other gentleman, thou this Other also have been dismissed as impenetrably and a little bit of obscure for some people. Eliazon is a clinical and child psychologist (MSc) and have graduate from two different universities and two high school´s of social work and public administration. (Degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Work and Administration [1978/79], Degree of Bachelor of Social Science [1991], Master of Science (MSc) In Psychology[1991] and License to practice in accordance of Swedish Law [1992])

Born Kenneth Anders Torbjörn Eliasson (professionally known as Eliazon), on June 11, 1955, in a small village (Storhallen) among the mountains in the South of Jämtland, Sweden. The father is a native from Sweden who worked as a woodsman and the mother a Norwegian waitress. Three years old Eliazon witnessed the death of his grandmother. At the age of eight, Eliazon's family relocated to Östersund where he first had a hard and frustrating time as street fighter but after an asylum returned to and still live, love and work in. Eliazon are the eldest son of three children and have become a legendary master in psychology and one of Sweden's foremost living psychologist today. Eliazon´s duty as elite soldier in the army 1973-74 became a kind of idyll, hunting, drinking, sleeping, chasing the girls, and occasionally a lot of fighting's as he had became a boxer five years earlier. In 1975 Eliazon attended a school for social workers and public administration at the High School of Östersund where he focused his studies on personal management, economic and public administration.

He received his degree 1978/79 and initially sought work at the town of Östersund. In the summer 1979 went Eliazon to the south of Sweden - Östergötland where he became familiar with politics and were among the highest society in the country. He soon became a popular politician and was elected as chairman for a official company in the building industry. In 1981 he returned to the middle north of Sweden and worked as a high staff chief in the municipal of Hudiksvall. In 1983-85 he attend SPF:s higher employee management education and had a lacanian influenced individual psychotherapy. Attended the University of Lund 1986 and in couple of years went through a educational group psychotherapy. Eliazon became a father 1988, 9 months before a beloved grandfather's death. The death of his grandfather A.E. Eliasson inspired him to setting up a private practice in the treatment of psychological disorders and to write two fundamental psychological writings: "The Desire of the Gaze" and "Back to the Father", both papers of high qualitative psychological theory thinking. After a Mpsych-degree worked Eliazon five years at the Sidsjo Mental Hospital under the renowned German psychiatric doctor Nicolas Nägele.

It was a very difficult and dangerous work as clinical psychologist with Sweden's worst criminals and damaged mental clients. The years at the forensic mental clinic were a practical university to Eliazon´s theoretical understanding and thinking. Dr Nägele was a complicated but high experienced and charismatic doctor with a strong biological medical perspective and influences from hypnosis. Nägele´s treatment of severe psychological disorders and opinions became a great inspiration to Eliazon. Nägele and Eliazon further collaborated and developed the notion that many criminal acts were rooted in traumatic childhood experiences. The two formulated rules that a patient needed to confront these past issues in order to achieve understanding for awful crimes and permission to leave the clinic. Eliazon felt that Nägele placed too little emphasis on Eliazon´s insisting on the significance of the symbolic father´s roll. After a couple of years, dr Nägele retired from the job as chief doctor at the clinic and had a deathly heart attack when he heard about a dangerous killer's running away from the clinic. Nägeles successor as chief doctor at the clinic soon deemed the effects of the collaboration between Eliazon and Nägele and adopted alternative methods of treatment suggested by other new psychiatrist at the clinic. The new management for the clinic and Eliazon parted because of fundamental differences in opinion.

In 1995 Eliazon returned to Östersund (and short work with unemployed people) to his birthplace Berg and established a career as a free working child and clinical psychologist. As a living Odysseus it was told that he had returned exactly to the room of which he 40 years earlier was born of his mother. The circle of life had become fulfilled. Since 1995 Eliazon continued to work mostly on his own and have published psychological articles and writings in Swedish, which has become widely considered Eliazon's greatest work. In the memory of his dead grandmother ethical questions have been important to Eliazon since he was a child and that had tormented him throughout his younger years. From time to time this drove him to abandon all else in order to seek an ultimate meaning and answers in life. At first he turned to politics and religious matters, but he found no answers. He began reading psychology, and he found some key's to his own moral system in the writings of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan thinking. In 1995 Eliazon wrote two articles, one about speech, the man, female and violence (published 1996) and the other concerning children's psychology development, where he gave critique to the dogmatic psychiatric paradigm that categorize the psychology under psychiatric issues. From this point on his life he are dominated by a burning desire to achieve social recognition, justice and a rationally acceptance to the psychology science itself.

Psychologist K A T Eliazon - Östersund/Jamtland/Sweden 2007-07-01. Photo: Livia An insisting attitude, working towards communication skills, conflict management by talking with each other, and Eliazon´s indignation for missconductive behavoirs, hypocrisy and woman-hating tendencies have sometimes been obviously a controversial reference to the religion it self insisting upon the preference of the word (Joh 1:1 and Lu 1:2)- "In the beginning was the Word!" This rendered him disfavor, accusations and to be banned by the Swedish Church representatives as late as in the beginning of the new Millenium. In his latest year Eliazon are called upon to give treatment, assessments and lectures in studies of child development, the significance of speech, women's and men's psychological health, personality issues, aggressively, anger management, violence, conflict management, anger management, domestic violence, borderline personality disorder, project management, personality quizzes,mr personality, mr.personality, stress management, sexual harassment, school violence, risk management, personality disorders, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, knowledge management, communication skills, human resource management, self esteem, change management, study skills, narcissistic personality disorder, customer relationship management, multiple personality disorder, employee motivation, educational leadership, antisocial personality disorder, performance management, anger management techniques, leadership qualities, business management, listening skills, employee training, mid-life crisis, strategic management, employee recognition, employee evaluations, paranoid personality disorder, crisis management, stress management techniques, executive coaching, leadership development, job satisfaction, positive attitudes, business management skills, behavior management, organizational development etc. etc. Eliazon´s ability to skillful psychological writings and articulation demonstrates his remarkable range and linguistic talent:

(1988) Desire of the Gaze - Om längtan, begär, kärlek, beskådad skönhet, blickar, erkännande, bekräftelse, perfektion, frånvaro och saknad.
(1989) The Talking Cure - Talkuren, om psykoterapi.
(1990) Back to the Father - Relationen till pappa - Tillbaka till fadern
(1992) The Ruins of Namsos - Från ruiner till pitoresk trevlig småstad
(1994) The gentleman - Jaques Lacan - Gentlemannen - Jaques Lacan
(1995) Speech, violence, men and the female - Mannen, kvinnan, våldet och orden
(1996)Psykologins historia från Cyranos till Freud
(1997)Parenthood and the child´s behavoir in school - Om föräldraskap och pojkar som slåss
(1998) Psykos, neuros och perversion (borderline)
(2000) Excessive Stress Reactions -Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - Burnout (professinal) Om stress, utmattning och utbrändhet

(1999)Mohammad Ali´s Oas - Strukturerat behandlingsprogram för pojkar på glid (2000) Auktoritet och auktoritetsförlust
(2000) Att vara styvförälder
(2001) ADHD (eng.)
(2001) Ångest - Anxiety (eng.)
(2001) Anorexi - Anorexia (eng.)
(2002) Asperger
(2002) Depression (eng.)
(2002) Fobi - Phobias (eng.)
(2002) Narcissism (eng.)
(2002) Psykopati - Psychopathy (eng)
(2002) Depression
(2002) Spelmissbruk - Gambling (eng.)
(2002) Stress (eng.)
(2002) Suicid (eng.)
(2002) Tvångstankar och tvångshandlingar (eng.)

Jämtland-Härjedalen - Birth & Inspiration
- an unexploded silent wilderness to visit!

With thousands of wild brown bears in the county, one can get a close view of this face in Jämtland/Härjedalen Buy at AllPosters.com
I was born 1955 in Åsarne, Storhallen, in a small village in Jämtland County, where the landscape (province) of Jämtland meets another landscape - Härjedalen. Storhallen is located in the southern part of Jämtland and in a municipal called Berg. Jämtland/Härjedalen was historically an independent kingless state governed by the annual thing called Jamtamót, but was defeated in 1178 by king Sverre of Norway after losing the Battle at the ice of Storsjön. This was the last war fought by the people of Jamtland under their own elected leaders. Between 1178 and 1645 were Jämtland and Härjedalen provinces of Norway, but in early 1645 they were both ceded by Denmark-Norway to Sweden by the Treaty of Brömsebro. Probably most people in this region of Sweden have ancestors, which once came walking over the fells from west - Norway (and as my own mother did after World War II). This makes us more Scandinavians than Swedes and explains a republican dream and revolutionary spirit among natives. Jämtland-Härjedalen is a rare county of calm unexploded silent wilderness to visit. Some people say they are being hypnotised of the silence and beauty, and that Jämtland Härjedalen have the "look of love". They may well be right. There are many small and large holiday and vacation adventures here for all ages to love and enjoy. The county is an area comprising eight municipalities set among mountains, lakes and forests in the middle of Sweden. Jämtland Härjedalen is metaphorical Sweden’s breathe, spirit and heart, and stretches 400 km from north to south, and 250 km from east to west. Jämtland Härjedalen accounts for 12% of the total area of Sweden, but only 1.5% of the country's total population.

Jämtland Härjedalen is situated right in the centre of Sweden and many people on vacations feel they have travelled a long way north when they arrive here. In fact they're a 1000-km from the northern border of Sweden! Jämtland-Härjedalen has been good protected so that the drama of the historic silent unexploded wilderness and the awe-inspiring geography can continue in perpetuity. The county allows for real relaxing and reflective holiday adventures in the raw beauty and variety of the relief of life. In this Swedish area is your exposure to the crowds reduced to zero a congestion you might experienced in your daily life. Guests start their daily activities within or adjacent to the wilderness of the landscape, then dine and sleep amidst landscapes beauty. When we view the wildlife, it's within their natural habitat. This unbroken chain of wilderness contact fosters an immersion into the "real" in the concept of peace and quiet, and creates deep and memorable relaxing and self-reflective experiences.

The winter is maybe the high season of the year and it's in Jämtland-Härjedalen where you find skiing activities, guaranteed snow and the greatest scenery in Europe. In Jämtland Härjedalen there are 150 ski lifts and more than 300 slopes, 1,000 km prepared ski-tracks and more than 1,000 km marked cross-country skiing trails. In summertime Jämtland-Härjedalen invite the visitors to magic times in the evening, after a day's activities and a fine meal, when you can stroll the big lake Storsjön under the midnight sun. Then visit a special spot along one of the rivers, or relax on one of our lockouts to watch a wilderness view (with elk, bears and wolfs), or just letting the grandeur of Jämtland-Härjedalen fully sink in.

Jämtland Härjedalen has much to offer in addition to shopping, skiing, jigging, hiking, fishing and fresh air. Enjoy a visit to one of the County's restaurants to feast on wonderful Jämtland cuisine. Flavours and aromas carry memories, remembrances of meetings and places, and enhance your experience of life and vacation! Good food works wonders! The inhabitants in Jämtland Härjedalen and the Jämtland kitchen has its roots in forestry- and agriculture, reindeer herding, in elk hunting, fishing in the mountains and in locally produced products such as milk and cheese. The inhabitants in the region are also known for its hospitality, and we are well aware that food is an important element of the visitor's total experience of Jämtland Härjedalen.

Painter Bengt Lindström, born 1925, Storsjö, Berg municipality in Jämtland-Härjedalen Famous drama writer August Strindberg is originally from Sundsjö, Bräcke municipality in Jämtland, where his great-grandfather, the priest Henrik Strindberg 1708-1767 and his wife Maria Elisabeth was active in the Assembly. The famous Strindberg name comes from Henrik's home village East-Strinne, which is located in Kramfors municipality, County of Västernorrland. August Strindberg's grandfather Zakarias (born 1758) went a long way from Sundsjö in Jämtland to Stockholm to seek to bring up at least three plays that he wrote for the royal capital. The grandfathers talent of writing later become his grandson Augusts success, when the grandfather himself did career as a businessman. During his studies at Uppsala University (1867 - 1872), when the young August as usual "render nothing in bad company", he therefore searched a school teacher vacancy in Sunne, Jämtland. Strindberg's daughter Anne-Marie and the actress Harriet Bosse visited Åre Östersund, as late as the summer of 1906. A large number of great artists and inspiring people are born, live or work in Jämtland. One with perhaps most prominent international reputation is unquestionably famous artist - Bengt Lindström, who spends part of the year in France (Paris) and part of the year in Sweden. Bengt Lindström was actually born in another small neighbour village to my own: Storsjö Kapell in 03.09.1925. He follows a teaching to the School of art of Isaac Grünewald (pupil of Matisse) of Stockholm and at the fine arts of Copenhagen (1944-1946), in the Art Institute of Chicago, then workshops Fernand Leger (1947) and Andre Lhote in Paris (1947-1948). Bengt Lindström began showing his work in 1950. He has had many shows in Europe and the US. Lindström has been residing in Paris since 1948, although his art is close to the COBRA-group he never belonged to the group. Lindström is a loner with a keen gaze and visualisation, painting with an untamed attacking aggressiveness in the finest sense of the words. Initiated to northern wilderness and furious energy, strength and thinking Lindström builds up reserves of desired imagination during the summer months holidays in his homeland and with those people in Jämtland with whom he enjoys a privileged relationship. The titles he gives to his paintings often point to our Nordic mythology and an exiled Norrlander source of inspiration. Buy your Bengt Lindströms work at Bolin Art & Gallery in the City of Östersund

The recently re-established wandering way Jämt- Norgevägen passes through Lindströms birthplace in Storsjö Kapell and has a historic background as one of the pilgrim trails. It is marked with the symbol for a Pilgrimstrail to Nidaros and a specific red colour. From Selånger, by the Baltic Sea, to Trondheim (Nidaros), by the Atlantic Ocean, this trail extends a distance of approximately 480 km. Despite of several activities (I want especially recommend this Jämt- Norgevägen and a boat tour of 4 days of hiking in the district of Berg), is it possible to be all by yourself in the wide woods and fells, surrounded by total silence, it’s up to you. It should be my pleasure as experienced psychologist and personal guide in lifestyle issues of the wide world, to be your guide in both the inner and the outdoors-real wilderness matters. Let’s e.g. concrete recapture Lindströms grandeur inspiration and beautiful Wilderness nature in a scenic helicopter tour if flights are available weather permitting. Such travels and pictures meeting wild brown bears in the woods will be worth more than a thousand of words. This is my style of living in Jämtland, and I believe this is one reason what turns a visit to the Jämtland-Härjedalen area and me into a trip of a lifetime for you. Welcome to the beauty of Silence, the real Wilderness and gain the Look of Love! You can get more information about Jämtland-Härjedalen here: Östersund Tourist and Congress Office, tel. +46 (0) 63-14 40 01.


eliazon psychologist websites gives you the news and articles on parenting - parent advice, early childhood education, child development, child learning disabilities as well as severe psychic illness and disorders: anxiety disorders, panic attacks (phobias), depression, bipolar disorders, autism tretments, borderline personality disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, missconduct and other behaviour disorders.

eliazon psychologist web sites explore research and questions of the criminal mind, the definition of psychotic and psychopatic as well as the treatments for depression, the wonder woman unconscious and subliminal seduction. You find the links to maternity clothing and the beauty world of fashion . You´re welcome to read about high qualitative analysis, the understandings of talent and competence, expounded views, development of models and psychometric- and neuropsychological tests.

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  • Lead us to treatment and a long, funny and happy life.
  • An inability to resist impulses to buy beautiful things, clothes, shoes etc, affects women more often than men. Shoplifting and Compulsive Shopping Behavoir
  • Stress kills through suicide, violence, heart attack, stroke, and, perhaps, even cancer. Different types of stress have its own characteristics and treatment approaches. Stress doesn’t lead to a long, funny and happy life.
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  • Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized to be more deadly than heroin addiction. The cause of anorexia is not known, but social attitudes towards body appearance and family factors are believed to play a role. Teen girl's body image affect family life in anorexia eating disorders
  • Phobias produce anxiety and often panic that is out of proportion. Common simple phobias are those involving animals, insects and other fears. Fear and avoidance of situations characterise social phobias Social Phobia - Phobia in Social Life
  • Depression is more prevalent in women than men and is especially common among teen/adolescents. It is natural to have some feelings of sadness after a major disappointment at home or at work. Teen kids and women, feel sad and blue at jobs and home.
  • Do you have any symtoms of perfectionism, inflexibility, preoccupation with details, rules, lists, excessive devotion to work, restricted expression of affection, lack of generosity, inability to throw things away? Compulsive Obsession and Addiction To Make The Best Performance - Perfectionism
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  • Gambling becomes so great that the tension can only be relieved by more gambling. Higher stakes and personal risks become involved, as well as neglect of other interests. Addicted gambler risks to neglect women, sex, family, kids, job, music and friends

  • eliazon psychologist web sites are the professionals on: health, psychology, women health, health insurance, mental health, health care, health fitness, mental illness, mental redardation, mental disorders, child psychology, social psychology, forensic psychology, child abuse, destiny´s child, children, child development, anxiety, anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, treatment, examination, lecture, education, mental health, fear, phobia, eating disorder, anxiety, depression, stress, stress management, conflict resolution and other psychological disorders. Contact us in issues concerning: fashion, creativity, psychotherapy, psychanalysis, psychological theories. Executive managers, companies, schools, parts on the labour market, rehabilitationcounseler, employee, employments usualy calls for our services. You ´re welcome to contact us!

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