New Role and Family Models  
New Role and Family Models

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New Role and Family ModelsNew Role and Family ModelsNew Role and Family Models
New Family Models
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New Role and Family Models Vote On Top Female Role Model

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Modelling your identity in life is a project without escape. An individual has a choice in what should he or she extent as a conformed representative of a socialisation process. In earlier days, a handshake and one's word were more binding than legal documents. Taking advantage of other people’s weakness and suffering was out. Modelling identity and morality today depends on situation and what we're doing, and is mostly to know how our identity is psychologically constructed. Studies have demonstrated that society, culture, manners and language could have succumbed to a vulgarisation and proletarisation process in some extent, and that a minority, who has a strong, self-confident sense of style, virtue and purpose, lead the growth phase of civilisation. Ordinary people follow along through attempts to learn from influential people lives. Other studies have showed that women benefit more than men do from having same-gender role examples of success. While a female role model with a similar career path could enhance a woman’s self-esteem, a man's feelings about himself seem more unaffected by role models of both genders.

For sure people have to make more conscious decisions and judgements about their own way of living. There is a significant lack of authoritative good role models for, especially, teenage girls growing up and younger women. Many girls and younger women today have got such an embarrassed identification and self-esteem that they must re-learn to be more proud and conceited. They can't say, "But I know who I am, and that's always a satisfaction," like The Darning Needle in H.C. Andersen's little amusing tale. The media hesitates to report on and shape the breaking news on the heroines of our daily life in a positive respect. In common, media prefer economics, men's sport activities, war reports, catastrophic accidents, terrorism, scandals and doubt of trust. This has an extreme negative impact in a longer term on kids, teenagers and young people's identification, apprehension of satisfaction and joyful life appetite and affection. More conscious focus, discussion, description, thinking and voting on good prime role models and what these prime models are (and absolutely not the scandalous opposite) will possibly help us in a different, more positive and essentially other direction.

For these reasons remain role and family models important concepts, although it should not mean someone that a person must imitate or be alike. A conscious choice of a role or family model serves as an identification and navigation point when individuals make there own personal route through life. Role and family models general direction is more likely to be shaped within tradition, family values, peer pressures, at the employment centres by parents, friends, teachers, colleagues and others. Who is your favourite among 30 top women role models? Learn, vote and get some inspiration from them on how they e.g. sublimate their desire, affection, emotion, satisfaction, jouissance and talent capabilities. Maybe want to suggest your own role or family model?

Vote on list of most popular female role models:

1. Greta Garbo (An unforgettable actress envied by millions and ultimate Hollywood star. She revealed herself through exquisite manner and style)
2. Liliane Bettencourt (Controlling stake in L'Oréal. Supports humanitarian endeavors in developing countries)
3. Joanne (JK) Rowling (Once a single mother living on welfare. Now a billionaire author of the Harry Potter series)
4. Alice Walton (Controls 40% of Wal-Mart retailing company. A billionaire that raises horses on her Texas ranch.)
5. Mother Teresa (born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Leader of Missionaries of Charity, Calcutta - India)
6. Alicia Koplowitz (Creating one of Spain's first hedge funds. Through her charitable foundation, can Spanish fellows study child psychology)
7. Sallie Krawcheck (Has one of the most prestigious finance jobs as chief financial officer at Citigroup on Wall Street )
8. Elfriede Jelinek (A Nobel Prize winner that provoke into existence a new thinking about an alternative female identity and sexuality, where feelings need neither be a trading commodity nor be transmuted into piano-playing, anorexia or muteness.)
9. Reese Witherspoon (Have now replaced Julia Roberts as the highest-paid actress for upcoming pictures in Hollywood)
10.Marie-Ségolène Royal (The most mediagenic candidate running for the French presidency in 2007. Has taken a stand on several issues regarding family values, the protection of children, parental obligations and women's rights.)
11.Diane Sawyer (A prominent intelligent, anchor on Good Morning America)
12.Rachael Ray (Chef in four Food Network shows, that also appears on the cover of her own bimonthly lifestyle magazine)
13.Serena Williams (Talent athlete, tennisplayer and model for Nike and Estée Lauder)
14.Haya Bint Al Hussein (Daughter of Late King Hussein of Jordan and wife of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Ruler of Dubai). Princess Haya’s main concentration is focused on humanitarian aid, with a core interest in promoting health, education, youth and equestrian sports (showjumping).
15.Chien-Shiung Wu (Gifted physicist who demonstrated experimentally that parity is not conserved in nuclear beta decay. She gave experimental evidence to support proposed solution of the tau-theta puzzle.)
16.Simone de Beauvoir (Sexy and beautiful french bourgeoisie, author and philosopher that wrote novels, monographs on philosophy, politics. Appeared weekly in the tabloids because of her relationship with The Second Sex: Jean-Paul Sartre.)
17.Oprah Winfrey (America's richest African-American expand a multimedia empire)
18.Anna Nicole Smith (Famous woman as much for her sometimes-turbulent private life as for her tabloid celebrity)
19.Lou Andreas-Salomé(A famous psychoanalyst and "a woman of dangerous intelligence" but even if "all the tracks around her go into the Lion's - none come out)
20.Astrid Lindgren (The famous children's book author and daughter of Hanna in Hult, whose many titles (e.g. Pippi Longstocking) were published in more than 100 countries)
21.Madonna Louise Ciccone (One of the most played and wealthiest woman with an active career in entertainment industry. An international girlishness artist that performs dance, pop, and house music.)
22.Grace Kelly (One of ten children in an Irish American Catholic family. Coincidentally portrayed a princess and met a prince actively seeking a wife.) )
23.Celiné Dion (In 2005, fans shelled out on average $136 per ticket to hear her songs)
24.Katie Couric (She make history as the first woman to ever anchor the CBS Evening News solo)
25.Victoria Beckham (Notting Hill girl, style icon and a wife of a soccer player that intuitive and passionate knows how to wear her high quality teeny-weeny clothes)
26.Esther Koplowitz (Awarded Montblanc prize for best professional trajectory, abilities and management. An exquisite beautiful member of Spanish nobility, adopted daughter of Valencia, that loves ballet and classical music. Through social initiatives Ms. Koplowitch helps disabled people without economic resources, those most in need and underprivileged in society)
27.Linda B. Buck (Her parents' interest in puzzles and inventions planted the seeds too get The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2004 for understanding of the sense of smell, odor perceptions and behaviors) )
28.Florence Nightingale (Her writings on hospital planning and organization had a profound effect across the world. She was the first person in the Western world to introduce statistics into public health.)
29.Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (One of the foundational feminist philosophers to suggest that both men and women should be treated as rational beings and imagines a social order founded on reason.)
30. (vote for your own top role model here)

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New Role and Family Models New Role and Family Models New Role and Family Models

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