The New Queen of Trends and Ideas. Thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings  
The New trends and ideas. Thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings

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New trends, ideas, thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articlesNew trends, ideas, thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings
New trends, ideas, thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings
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NEWS: Child Psychology Education

Get New Trends and Ideas 2014
Meet Your Coach of Wisdom and Psychology Teacher
Practitioner of useful Ideas, Maxims and Science

Starving for hot new trends, ideas and thoughts? Articles and writings? A new personal view next year? Want new meanings and an other wisdom, new concepts and knowledge? Have you still not captured an eye of a living tiger or the grand feeling of being unique and special? Do you want to reveal how to look, act, speak or perform better? Have you ever considered to work as a professional model, par excellence? Do you know how to manage your assets: talents, beauty, access, money and perhaps adoration, or haven’t you even heard of Eliazon's three fundamental concepts "The New Queen", "The Gaze of Success (Desire of the Gaze)" and "Voice of Commendatore"? Well, welcome then to Eliazon New Trends & Ideas! the most authoritative magazine online for new trends and ideas, which give a special "homage" and emphasis to women's psychology teaching and health, the emotionally single mother, the family and children’s obviously needs and desire.

Eliazon is a psychology teacher and a psychologist practitioner who applies psychological training, knowledge and teaching to assess and help children and adults in jobs, school, family, art, life & style. The main direction in Eliazon New Trends & Ideas is teaching skills to attain and increase success, become more prosperous and get more satisfaction, excellence and elegance in competence and an artistic successful style in articulation manners and visual performance. Eliazon New Trends & Ideas brings you useful psychological knowledge and tips on how to turn a deeper understanding of modern trends and ideas into a sustainable competitive advantage in business, education and human resource management that cannot be duplicated or imitated by other companies. In addition, we are promoting a healthy northern wind of new trends and ideas, life style issues, emotional rescue, self-confidence, talent, awareness, grace, joy, faith, jouissance and more fun in life, e.g. through The New Queen: A Psych Up Artist™, Exquisite Cashmere Lifestyle and the Beauty Aging Therapy™ (BAT) !

Famous artist Bengt Lindströms own favourite work: Nostalgi - Psychologist Site Eliazon Meet your coach of wisdom and psychology teacher, K A T Eliazon. The psychological praxis and theoretical work of Eliazon is a unique journey and determination of the essentials in the whole psychology science. Eliazon makes the academic psychology readily and understanding available for many people which take the opportunity to meet this Other gentleman, thou this Other also have been dismissed as impenetrably and a little bit of obscure for some people. Eliazon is a practitioner of useful ideas, trends, maxims and science and a clinical and child psychologist (MSc). He have graduate from two different universities and two high school´s of social work and public administration. (Degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Work and Administration [1978/79], Degree of Bachelor of Social Science [1991], Master of Science (MSc) In Psychology[1991] and License to practice in accordance of Swedish Law [1992])

Author: Torbjörn K A Eliazon

Articles in English
  • Shoplifting and Compulsive Shopping Behavoir
  • Stress doesn’t lead to a long, funny and happy life.
  • Anxiety and Fear of Flying
  • The Sociopath's Criminal Mind
  • Teen girl's body image affect family life in anorexia eating disorders
  • Social Phobia - Phobia in Social Life
  • Teen kids and women, feel sad and blue at jobs and home.
  • Compulsive Obsession and Addiction To Make The Best Performance - Perfectionism
  • An other world of art,dance,play,speech and music.
  • Addicted gambler risks to neglect women, sex, family, kids, job, music and friends
  • The New Queen Psych Up Job Artist
  • Relationship Rescue and Precautions
  • Job Efficiency in Career and Business Life
  • The Gaze of Success
  • Top Business Management
  • Beauty Aging Therapy
  • Exquisite Style and Manners in Age of Innocence
  • Beauty and The Beast
  • Art of Cognitive and Creative Vitality
  • Couturier and Best Buy Queen Tee
  • Parenting and healthier living with focus, warmth and relief every moment in Family Life
  • Naming My Baby, Kids, People and Top Business Brand Names
  • Ideal Happiness and Life Satisfaction
  • Top Personal Job Coach at
  • The New Queen

  • Dolce Gabbana
    Yves Saint Laurent
    ....and more

    Articles in Swedish
  • Voice of Commendatore
  • About famous people life
  • Vanity, talent and perfectionism!
  • Father, don't you see that I am burning?
  • Can't cope a beautiful world because of depression
  • Gaze of desire and narcissistic perceptual disorder
  • A great model, teacher and artist
  • See the world through beauty eyes
  • Burning within us!
  • Kids fascination for television
  • Psychology courses, education, diploma and certificate programs online
  • Find psychologist or a doctor (web md)
  • Existential difference in psychic structures between Neurosis, Perversion and Psychosis
  • Paris burns when French riots spread fear and anger across France
  • The law of Moses – on war, leadership and paternity
  • Psychotherapy, analysis and other therapy and treatment
  • Raising kids & children, on family life, home and school, parents and parenthood
  • On Swedish law of school and it’s rules for pupils’ health.
  • Mobilising psychological motivation and resources for individual prosperity and success.
  • Examining interplay of conflict and culture in work and business.
  • Security precautions to lean upon and turn to in moments of inner or external crisis.
  • They sow a child and reap a bomb! Is their any heredity in addiction or addictive behaviour?
  • Psychometric tests, memory, dementia, forgetting and forgetfulness.
  • In the beginning were Theatre and the Word
  • Top Female Leader and Entrepreneur Management Program

  • Y New Courses: Child Psychology Diploma - Parenthood - Models for authentic leadership, health and jobs!

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    New trends, ideas, thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings


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    New trends, ideas, thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings The New trends and ideas. Thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings The New trends and ideas. Thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings
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    The New trends and ideas. Thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings The New trends and ideas. Thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings The New trends and ideas. Thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings
    The New trends and ideas. Thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings
    The New trends and ideas. Thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings
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    The New trends and ideas. Thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings
    The New trends and ideas. Thoughts, knowledge & wisdom through articles and writings