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Try Positive Talks on BeautyTry Positive Talks on Attraction, Beauty, Aesthetics, Growth and Wealth in Sweden/Europe.
'Our search for meaning and happiness need a new glowing psychotherapeutic method of positive talks, where the aesthetic and beautiful aspects of our life must be more represented', says beauty and marketing psychologist Torbjorn K A Eliazon.

Are we more stressed, anxious, uneasy, pessimistic, worried, depressed, anxious or sad in times of financial crisis, economic recession, downturn, unemployment, high sick leave rates, environmental degradation and other problems focusing? Well, there are pleasant news, and more positive trends in other industry segments:

An experienced psychologist will for sure be our top aesthetic consultant, as the search of a human perfection and analytical knowledge will continue in our world. In this search, people increasingly want their personality and body appearance to be a really true personal work of art. Our search for meaning and happiness is now raising the beauty aspects of life to a higher existential level, beauty and marketing psychologist Torbjorn K A Eliazon says.

Traditional beauty industry and its youthful target market have been disinterested in role modeling, charisma, personality traits, talent, competence, heredity and other very important aspects of inner and outer beauty, which display more subtle and advanced signs of a glowing prolonged beauty in aging processes. Inner or outer beauty is not the same for an 18-year-old as it is for a 45-year-old.

The concept of beauty (earlier associated to fashion, personal styling and fashion models) needs to be updated throughout our whole life cycle and in our psychological treatments and understanding. Beauty is increasingly aligning itself with the science of health, career, food, surgeons, dermatological research, cosmeceuticals (cosmetics with drug-like effects), medical and the psychological wellbeing industries.

The Beauty Aging Therapy ™ - BAT is a radical new positive-oriented psychotherapy method, with the theoretical basis of a previously proven further eclectic psychotherapeutic framework. The starting point is speech, positive communication, aesthetics, life experience, presence and creative glow. The BAT-method raises the torch which burns within us when happiness and motivation lacks. Some main objectives include raising self-esteem, enthusiasm and motivation, and give the participant an expanded experience of the more prosperous, successful, rest, peace and quiet, beauty, elegance and charisma in their life.

Since 2002, the new BAT-method developed by personal meetings on more than 3-4 sessions of talks in so-called traditional counseling, personal guidance, supervision and therapy sessions (n = 63). For the current people, which in personalized form undergone these talks through Eliazon, the method has been specially taken into account factors such as: age, educational background and past experiences and preferences. At the assessments of satisfactoriness the BAT-method has proved itself in an approved, good or superior way, among other

1. strengthening the participant's ability to feel enthusiasm and motivation
2. strengthening the participant's ability to do the right things
3. strengthening the participant's ability to maintain or create an interest,
4. strengthening the participant's ability to experience the beauty
5. strengthening the participant's ability to vocalize your elegance and charisma
6. decreased emotional and cognitive stress
7. increased the participant's legitimacy and respect in interactions with other people
8. increased the participant's personal insights
9. improved the participant's ability to more efficient or sensible decision
10. strengthening the participant's personal integrity
11. changed embarrassing or bad habits
12. strengthening and improving good habits
13. altered negatively respectively. positive thinking
14. changed the negative respectively. positive behavior
15. neutralized unpleasant memories and experiences
16. strengthening the participant's way of communicating through reasoning, language and speech
17. increased the participant's self-knowledge
18. increased the participant's self-esteem
19. increased the participant's self-confidence
20. strengthening the participant's joy
21. increased the participant's creativity
22. strengthening participant in their self-control.
23. improved the participant's interpersonal relationships
24. simplified for the participant in her social interactions
25. increased the participant's subjective consciousness
26. gave a more positive body image
27. had a positive impact on the participant's professional demand
28. improved the participant's career opportunities
29. increased the participant's sexual attraction
30. improved the participant's ability to rest and relaxation
31. changed the negative psychological processes (stomach, blood pressure, headache, insomnia, etc.)
32. improved daily lives that participant has today

You can find more information about the underlying theories to this very promising method at
Beauty Aging Therapy

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K A T Eliazon
Leg. psychologist / Social Studies

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